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My Story

I did not find photography... it found me. As you can see in this photo of me at age 5, I was drawn to camera equipment and have always been fascinated by visual images. My vision has not changed over the years but my penchant for more expensive camera equipment has reached way beyond the Kodak Brownie camera. As I have fully embraced digital photography, there is a lonely full color darkroom sitting idle in my mother's basement. It's still fully functional but likely more appropriate for the Smithsonian. 

I've been dancing around my love of photography my entire (post- 5 year old) life. I never had the nerve or commitment to take it on as a full-time way to make a living and that may have been a good thing. I took the easy route and went to medical school to became an emergency physician. Over the last 30 years it has paid the bills but kept me awake and stressed out plenty of nights. Outdoor serenity and beautiful scenery have been my sanctuary. Now that I have transitioned to a career as an urgent care physician / owner, photography and my medical career have fortuitously crossed paths. 

In 2010, when my three partners and I opened our first AllBetterCare Urgent Care Center (with locations around the Capital District in Central Pennsylvania; AllBetterCare.com) I was put in charge of art work for the clinic. After purchasing  a few pieces online I realized that I had hundreds of great images  sitting on hard drives gathering digital dust that I hoped people might enjoy. I started working on ways to incorporate my photos into the decor and experience of being inside one of our medical facilities. Each of our three sites are decorated with my images printed on either canvas or metal. They are a constant topic of conversation that compliment and personalize the environment for our patients and families.  The images give me an instant connection with our new patients as they share some of my life experiences  as seen through my eye. 

I can't count the number of times someone remarked during one of my impromptu photo tours with... "If you weren't a doctor you could sell your photographs".  This web resource now makes available some of my favorite images to anyone so willing to flatter me with a purchase. As I move toward retirement, I hope to continue to add more provocative and visually pleasing images to my catalog. 

The Art of the Display 

I hope my images stand alone as visually captivating. But, as I've found out over years of displaying photographs in a commercial setting, the method of display can be as alluring as the images themselves. 

Among my purchase options, I have included a few of my preferred methods for displaying photos- canvas, standout prints and metal. I am proud to partner with BayPhoto as my online photo finisher. They have amazing customer service with full satisfaction guaranteed. As you browse through the online store, there are resources available to explain the details of the printing process and display options. 

I personally find canvas gallery wraps are a wonderful way to display nature photos in larger spaces and in areas like hallways where the angle of viewing is variable. Metal prints have dramatic color saturation and are ideal in smaller spaces where closer attention can be paid to the image. 

Choose an image that visually stimulates, and choose a dramatic print option to enhance your home or office space.